12 Things I learned in 2019

“Insecurity and Uncertainty eventually leads to a certain success,

the thing is you have to keep going”

__Raj Sapali

so far so good

  • 1) Embrace everything –

You might have heard the famous quote,

“If someone is offering you an outstanding opportunity then just embrace it immediately,and then learn it afterwords.”

Before reading this quote and before the start of 2019 I used to say no to the new things.

But the results after acceptance,are just phenomenal and highly satisfied.I started accepting all new things and opportunities.I am happy with the results and learning more and more.

  • 2) Confronting fear

As I mentioned earlier that I was rejecting every new thing just because of the fear of losing and the embarrassments after defeat.

Habit of delaying the things and saying no cost me a lot.

I missed golden opportunities. Finally I decided and overcome my fear by attending first interview,although I did not succeed but the confidence I got was just insane.

So try not to delay, try to take action and confront the fear.Win is inevitable.

  • 3) The new Person

When it comes to the new person you never know unless you encounter with them personally.

The image you have been carrying about that person before you meet them personally gonna surely change.

I used to trust people very easily at first meet.By time being I learned that I was wrong.

Here I got to learn that first you should spent time with them before relying on them and revealing them your top secrets.

  • 4) Everyone knows

Every single person you meet knows something new that you don’t know and we must admire that and learn from that.

Instead of refusing and opposing once opinion leads nowhere.If we focus on the important content then we surely end up getting more knowledge.

  • 5) Be grateful for what we have

If you can talk well,walk well,you can see,you have healthy family members, then you are too much wealthier than anyone on this planet.

I learned new affirmations and learned to be grateful and worked as compound effect.

When we continuously affirm well wishes it produces more positive vibes and so does the results.

  • 6) Success cant be compared

Once success cant be measured by seeing outside.

How badly the person is doing than me will never decide the level of my success.

There is no certain definition of success existed so far.I am pretty confident and hopeful about the coming years and future.

I have figured out my own definition of success and I’m happy with that unfortunately I wont be able to explain here.

  • 7) Earn people

I have been very emotional person since childhood, the inherent quality I have.

As you finish your academic curriculum you meet those old people newly.Did not understand?read it again.”

At the end of college I was truly grateful for the people I had earned and missed at the same time.

I understood after college that money is not everything but the earning people and keeping them for life time is.

Same at the time of my last working day at my previous office I was very very emotional by seeing the reactions of colleagues and their warm hugs.

So knowing the value of things when we have,is different kind of wisdom and we must acquire that.

8)Power of Reading

The only eternal thing will help you to keep growing and succeed in your life is your books over your family,friends.

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In the early stage of my life I was very shy guy,afraid of public speaking,afraid of doing adventures things.

The worst thing is that I was not able to construct the sentence in English (Till Second year of my graduation).

I had listened and read the power of reading. Immediately after I started reading self help books and the rest is just Miracle.

  • 9)Power of Mentor

You can go fast if you go alone but if you want to go far then you need to go together.__ unknown

Follow the person who is already living your dream.

Finding the Mentor is initially bit difficult. once we get then things becomes easier.

As I read the famous book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” I follow the author Robert Kiyosaki. Now I am very clear about the money and the cash flow.

  • 10) Focus and Commitment

Suppose you alone are walking on the path and suddenly one dog started chasing you badly,what will you do?

you will give you 1000% at that moment and will focus on one thing.

In real life to succeed we need the same intention of commitment,then the results will inevitable.

  • 11) Procrastination’s and Backup Plan

When our approach towards achieving goal is like:

“If in case I won’t get that,

at least I will have this”,

then surely we end up getting

“I Will have this”.

So,this attitude of relying on backup plan and so keeping habit of procrastination leads us nowhere.

When we strive for one thing then results would be different and highly satisfied.

  • 12) Money Management

When I had no job I had to manage my money,manage my cash-flow.

I had limited cash and I learned the proper accounting.I learned figuring out cash-flow.

I stopped wasting time on internet and started learning how to make money.

I made the calculations and I could survive easily.

In the contest of your life,

no matter how far you have come.

Still you did not give up

is yet to be cherish-able.

___Raj Sapali”

Thank you…!!!